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Message from the President

Dear friend,

125 years ago, St. Joseph Hospital opened its doors on the present site of the St. Joseph Health Center in South Providence, followed in 1954 by Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence.

While the many changes and advances in today’s world of health care would be virtually unrecognizable to our predecessors, one thing has not changed: our abiding commitment that compassion for patients remains an essential tenet of our patient care philosophy.

You can be sure that every advance in the practice of medicine and the accompanying introduction of breathtaking new medical technologies has not replaced the comforting touch of a nurse or the dedication of a caring physician to ease the worry and pain of a patient.

In 2009, CharterCARE Health Partners was formed as the corporate parent of Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center. By combining our strengths, this affiliation has helped us continue to provide access to high quality health care to all.

In 2014, CharterCARE and Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. announced completion of a joint venture that launched the introduction of a new model of health care in Rhode Island…one that will create a coordinated regional network of health providers - comprised of our hospitals, cancer center, nursing home, home health service and physician organizations -  that will provide the best possible care to patients at the right time and place.

Throughout the years and to this day, our focus has been on delivering the highest quality care. Over the last few years, Fatima Hospital has received a number of accreditations and certifications that in some cases were the first in our region. These are detailed on this website.

Our entire team is proud to provide excellent care on a daily basis to everyone who chooses Fatima Hospital. Please ask any of our caregivers or support staff should you need anything before, during or after your hospital visit. We are here for the community and it is an honor to provide health care for you and your loved ones.


David Kobis, FACHE