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Fred Klegraefe named Daisy Award Winner

Congratulations to Fred Klegraefe, RN who recently received the Daisy Award at Fatima Hospital. Fred is a graduate of the St. Joseph School of Nursing and has worked at the hospital for 37 years as a nurse. He has also served as a pharmacy tech, assisted with Meditech and Pysix setup, is active in nursing governance and is a diabetes champion. The DAISY Award is a national recognition program for nurses and are nominated by a patient, visitor or family member. The following is an excerpt from a patient on 2Pavilion. 

"Frederick was all bright and smiles.  Very confident in his work.   He made me comfortable at all times.  He not only took care of my physical needs, he was a great listener when my emotions got the best of me.  Talking me through a panic attack.  He was also very concerned about my comfort and for my needs suck as towels, extra fluids, and checking to make sure I did not need anything.  I was extremely impressed with his confidence and personal caring, and comforting side.  He was always with his PC and he did not run in and out of the room.  He made sure I had everything I needed at all times.

As a patient in pain and away from my family, he made my stay here easy.  He also helped me understand what was wrong with my medical issue.   I wanted to bring this this nurse to the attention of this award.  I felt important and cared for by someone that loves his job and is exceptional at it.  He is definitely an asset to Fatima Hospital but mostly a god given miracle for the compassionate, caring, and confident way he performs his duties.

I wanted to thank you for doing your job with excellence and for loving that you are a nurse.  We need more people like this as nurses.   I will be back to this hospital if I am in need, and he is a huge reason."

- Trish Ballou, Room 209