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Patient thanks staff with flowers…and more flowers

When Peter Carnevale came into the emergency room at Fatima Hospital, he was concerned about the health issues confronting him. By the time he was discharged, he was showering the staff with bouquets of flowers.

“The care I received was exemplary,” said Mr. Carnevale. “They treated me like a king.”

Mr. Carnevale had previously been stricken with some serious health issues including congestive heart failure. In December, he was admitted to Fatima through the Emergency Department and spent four days on a general medical care unit. He immediately noticed the difference between the staff at Fatima compared to other hospitals where he had been a patient.

“Sometimes in other hospitals, you wait all night for someone to care for you,” he said. “Most importantly, they were willing to listen to me. Nobody knows my body better than I do. I had a great rapport with the nurses and doctors. They took into consideration what I had to say when I told them how I felt and what I was going through.”

On the day he was discharged, Mr. Carnevale sent his wife Elena on a mission to purchase bouquets of flowers for each staff member that cared for him. And after he was discharged, he sent some plants again to thank the staff for the care he received.

“It was money well spent,” he said. “It was a pleasure to receive care from a team that listened and got me feeling better.”