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Stroke patient’s road to recovery leads to Southern New England Rehabiliation Center

On an August day in 2015, Linda Boyd was doing one of the things she loves best: babysitting for her nieces and nephews. She felt a tingling in her body and struggled to get to her feet. Sensing a possible medical emergency, Linda dialed 911 and sat on her deck to await the rescue vehicle. Shortly, she found herself in the Emergency Room where a doctor told her she had suffered a stroke.

A resident of South County, Linda was not initially pleased that her rehabilitation would take place halfway across the state at Southern New England Rehabilitation Center (SNERC), located at Fatima Hospital in North Providence. Time would completely change her mind as she entered SNERC in a wheelchair and left with the ability to walk on her own. “This place is so awesome,” she said. “I’m so glad I ended up here.”

Linda was at SNERC on an inpatient basis for three weeks. “I believe in a positive attitude,” she said. “I knew I was here to work and that’s what I did.”

While the only lingering effects of her stroke are occasional balance issues, Linda is in no way done with SNERC. She is a regular at the monthly stroke support groups, where she offers her perspective and hears from others “who have fought so hard to overcome serious hardship.” Linda’s recovery has allowed her to babysit for her nieces and nephews again, while resuming activities like her passion for gardening. On this spring day, Linda has brought dozens of flowers and plants to fill the flower boxes that line one of the activity rooms at SNERC. Her goal, she says, is to “cheer up the people that are here” working to recover from stroke.