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Teddy Bear Clinic to “treat” stuffed animals, help children feel better about a hospital visit

For children, a visit to the hospital can be a frightening experience. On Saturday, October 14, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital is hosting a Teddy Bear Clinic to give children a chance to meet medical staff and increase their ease with a hospital visit – while also getting a free checkup and treatment for their stuffed animal. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to this free event to build their comfort with visiting a hospital and receiving medical care.

This is an opportunity for children to witness a typical medical appointment through the eyes of their stuffed animal, from having their heart, lungs, eyes and ears checked to minor repair issues. For stuffed animals that have a tear or anything else that needs fixing, volunteers will be on hand to sew them up or apply a bandage. The stuffed animal will have their name and information filled in on a blank ID bracelet and receive a health certificate following a physical examination.

The Teddy Bear Clinic takes place on Saturday, October 14th from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Corporate Care area at Fatima Hospital, 200 High Service Avenue in North Providence. Corporate Care is located on the side of the hospital, before the Emergency Room entrance. Stuffed animals of any type are welcome!

This free event was organized by Kim McEnery, a Physician Assistant in the Fatima Emergency Department, and  Rebecca Broccoli, Associate Director of Emergency Services, CharterCARE Health Partners. To learn more, contact Rebecca at 401-456-3731. Refreshments will be served.