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Ambulatory / Outpatient Surgery

Your Visit To The Ambulatory Care Center

Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital's Ambulatory Care Center is designed for surgery in comfortable and safe surroundings that enable you to go home the same day. The Ambulatory Care Center is a product of much planning and foresight, and it provides services to patients in an efficient, convenient and cost-effective manner. We have been treating surgical outpatients for many years and are proud to have a special center, the first of its type in this area, specifically for this purpose. The Ambulatory Care Center staff welcomes you to Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital. We want to make your brief stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Benefits Of Ambulatory Surgery For The Patient

Patients recover in the comfort and privacy of home, without being separated from their families.

The medical care costs are reduced. The charge for an ambulatory surgical procedure is less than half the cost of an inpatient surgery (overnight hospital admission).

Although not expected, should any complications arise, the life-saving equipment and back-up services of Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital are available within seconds.

Family and friends can also be with the patient before and shortly after surgery.

If you do not receive a call in the evening before your surgery, please call 456-3260 before 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (no holidays).