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When accidents and injuries happen, you need timely emergency care. You want a combination of medical expertise, attentive caregivers, and a compassionate approach. The Emergency Department at Fatima Hospital delivers on all three counts.

Our physicians are board certified in emergency medicine and lead a talented team of experienced professionals. Here, we utilize the latest treatment options and technology to care for you while deciding on the next steps necessary for the best outcomes.

The first thing our Emergency Department staff does is listen. Whether your ailment is a workplace injury, car accident, or something you can’t quite pinpoint, your visit starts with our team listening to your story, your history, and your needs. Then, we utilize our expertise to put you on the road to recovery. If you need further testing or advanced medical care, you have prompt access to all of Fatima Hospital’s diagnostic imaging, lab testing, and in-hospital care.

We are known for bringing innovation to emergency care in Rhode Island. Fatima Hospital and its affiliate Roger Williams Medical Center were the first in the state to open senior-friendly emergency departments. We did this because the needs of older Rhode Islanders seeking emergency care is different from younger patients. Our emergency room now features physical renovations and an experienced staff specifically trained in the care of seniors.

The renovations include sound absorbing tiles, non-glare lighting, a more soothing environment, and a separate treatment area for seniors. And all the members of our team -- including physicians, pharmacists, social workers, case managers and CNAs -- have received geriatric-specific training to enhance the care that seniors receive.

Visit the front page of our website and you will see something very few hospitals offer: real-time tracking of waiting times in our emergency department. A long wait time during an emergency visit can be a major cause of stress. We offer this innovation as a way to ease people’s minds before they come to the hospital.

It is just one more way Fatima is delivering the best emergency care in Rhode Island.

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