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Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Using advanced new technology, Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy, a procedure to remove the prostate gland, is now a treatment option for men diagnosed with prostate cancer who, until now, thought invasive surgery was their only choice. Fatima Hospital, one of the pioneers of laparoscopic technology over two decades ago, is once again leading the way as one of the first hospitals in Southern New England to offer this option. Our highly-skilled surgeons perform the minimally invasive procedure, which results in less pain, fewer complications and shorter recovery times.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in men over the age of 45. But now, Fatima Hospital is offering this innovative new treatment in the fight against it. With years of surgical experience and one of the most sophisticated surgical facilities in the state, it’s no wonder that Fatima surgeons are the first to bring this effective new option to Rhode Island.

You have choices. Make your first choice finding out if you have prostate cancer. Make your second choice doing something about it.

For more information on this and other urological procedures at Fatima Hospital, call our physician referral line at 401-456-DOCS. (3627)