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Nursing Home Placement

Case Management / Discharge Planning / Nursing Home Placement

Planning for your safe and timely discharge from the hospital is an important part of the recovery process. You, your family and the entire health care team contribute to it.

The Case Management Department will coordinate these arrangements so that all of your post hospital needs can be met. A Case Manager will visit you shortly after admission to talk about your plans for discharge and follow-up care. You will be provided with information on options available to you based on your condition and the recommendations of the health care professionals caring for you.

The Case Manager can assist you with questions regarding insurance coverage issues and their contracted providers. They will also coordinate the arrangements should you need additional care in an alternative setting to the hospital such as a rehabilitation unit or a nursing home.

If you are not visited by a Case Manager and would like to request a discharge plan evaluation, you may do so through your nurse or by contacting the Case Management Department at 456-3250.

Patient Choice

We recognize and support your right to personal choice concerning follow up care. During the discharge planning process, patient and family choices are primary considerations. The hospital nurses and case managers are available to facilitate the process in full compliance with Federal regulatory requirements.

Elmhurst Extended Care, the state’s only Eden Alternative facility, is the nursing home affiliate of Fatima Hospital. If you would prefer to be discharged to Elmhurst, please tell your case manager, call 401-456-2600, or visit www.elmhurstextendedcare.com to learn more.